It's 4:20 over here

2013-08-15 11:14:07 by Mirak


Sheeeeeit nignognig

2013-04-24 22:34:45 by Mirak


Waiting for my new flash to be accepted for ads so i can submit it
hehe plenty of cool shit coming abound

this place looks dope

What the FUCK?

2012-07-23 00:13:21 by Mirak

So like... It's been quite a while since i last came here, and yet the top 5, ten whatever the fuck are still the same???
What is this what... What is this?


2012-06-27 03:34:59 by Mirak

Newgrounds is like a pumpkin man,,, so orange and shit

i'd like purple

Oh thanks newgrounds.

2012-05-06 15:26:41 by Mirak

Thanks for the site update, but was it really necessary to delete our profile information? I didn't save any of my profile pictures you gigantic cocks.

I'm doctor dick.

2011-09-03 13:09:40 by Mirak

I'm your doc!


Holy crap!

2011-04-01 23:09:55 by Mirak

I forgot i had an account here.
I got so much to not show! Golly!

I'm mostly a musician. I'll be uploading many new songs.

Getting Serious

2009-12-17 16:53:55 by Mirak

Expect a wholesale deletion of many flash movies and songs belonging to me.
They're old, they're ugly, and they're an embarrasment.
I'd delete all of my flash movies, but i'll keep some of my favorites up.
As for the audio, i'm ashamed of calling the submissions i once had there as mine, since most of them were just midis dressed up with fancy instruments, so bye bye all of the useless crap, welcome all original songs.

I am no longer a kid, i want to behave like the experienced user i am, so it is a new start.